Edge Computing Integrated Gateway Open Hardware Platform

Key Features

  • The NCF-N1043J-102B/NCF-N1043J-103B hardware platform can support multiple interfaces such as USB, RS485, RS232, WIFI, 4G, 5G and Ethernet, etc.
  • It can support up to 64GB of industrial-grade storage capacity, realize fast reading and writing of data, support 4GB DDR4 memory, and improve operating efficiency
  • Using reliability design to improve the reliability of the system. Supports fanless self-heating method to meet the requirements of reducing energy consumption
  • The number of Ethernet connections and rich interface types can be expanded through the XFI interface
  • Supports 802.3af/at POE power supply function
  • Industrial standard temperature range and wide temperature range for options to meet the needs of different application scenarios
NCF-N1043J-103B is an industrial edge computing integrated gateway open hardware platform, thus customers can develop custom APP based on the provided linux system, realize flexible deployment in the edge computing gateway, provide intelligent connection and data processing services nearby, and let different types of applications and data processed on the network Edge. It realizes real-time business, intelligence business, data aggregation and interoperability, security and privacy protection and other key intelligent services, effectively improving the efficiency of business intelligent decision-making.

Master Control Hardware
CPU LS1043A, 64bit ARM cortexA53, 4 cores, up to 1.6GHz
DDR MICRON, 512MB~4GB optional, 32bit wide--8bit x 4, up to 1.6GT/s
ROM MICRON eMMC, 8GB~64GB eMMC, HS200, 4bit wide
RTC Function Support
Temp. Monitor LM75, near LS1043A
USB 3 x USB3.0
WAN REALTEK GE PHY, 2 x RTL8211FS RGMII to 1000base-t
RS485 MAXLINEAR USB to UART, 1 x XR21B1424 USB-4UART chip, 4 x XR3078 RS485 chips
RS232 MAXLINEAR UART chip, 2 x SP3232 RS232 chip
Switch Quantity 4 channel switch quantity input
4 channel switch quantity dry contact output
Reset Supports 1 channel manual reset
Supports 4 channel voltage monitor reset
Supports hardware watchdog reset
Switch Hardware
MAC BCM53162
POE Supply Capacity (External) MICROSEMI PD69104
Supports IEEE802.3 af/AT POE power supply
Temp. Monitor LM75, near BCM53162
LAN 8 x 10/100/1G BASE-TX/T RJ45
Two of them support 60W 802.3AT power supply
2 x 1G BASE-X SFP interfaces(one more 10G SFP optional)
Port Form
Fixed Interfaces WAN2 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX/T RJ45 WAN2 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX/T RJ45
LAN 8 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX/T RJ45 + 2 x 1000BASE-X SFP UART4 x RS485 + 2 x RS232
UART 4 x RS485 + 2 x RS232 Switch Quantity 4 x DI + 4 x DO
Switch Quantity 4 x DI + 4 x DO USB: 1 x TYPEA USB 3.0
USB: 1 x TYPEA USB 3.0
WAN Use single port with yellow and green double LED shield without transformer RJ45
LAN Use 1 x 8 with yellow and green double LED shield without transformer RJ45
Use single port SFP cage
UART Use single row phoenix terminal, single port 3pin
Switch Quantity Use double row phoenix terminal, single port 2pin
USB Supports 500MA current limiting, use single port TYPEA USB3.0 blue core interface
Optical Module Supports mainstream 1GBASE-SX/LX optical module
Support GE photoelectric conversion module
Power Supply Single row 10A Phoenix terminal
2pin 12V
2pin 48V
Product Form
Dimensions 212.7 x 127 x 63mm(W x D x H)
Cooling Outdoor passive cooling
Lights RJ45 supports bi-colored light; Green 1000m; Yellow 10/100M RJ45 supports bi-colored light; Green 1000m; Yellow 10/100M
LINK(ever-bright), ACTIVE(flicker) LINK(ever-bright), ACTIVE(flicker)
SFP uses external green plug-in LED to indicate port status Supports SYS/PWR green plug-in LED to indicate status
Supports SYS/PWR green plug-in LED to indicate status
Operating Temperature Two options:
Industrial grade-40~85
Wide temperature range-10~70
1800 to 5000 meters above sea level: the temperature specification decreases by 1 for every 300m increase in altitude
The equipment life cycle is calculated as 5 years
Storage Temp. -40~85
Storage RH 5% 95%(non-condensing)
Operating RH 5% 95%(non-condensing)
Operating Altitude Maximum AC 5000 meters
Mechanical Vibration & Shock Sinusoidal vibration operation: 5-200Hz, 10m/s2
Shock operationhalf sine, 11ms, 100m/s2
Transportation Packing and transportation conform to ETSI 300019 Class 2.3 : Public transportation
CCC Support
CS Supports GE network interface: 0.15~80MHz: 3V, criterion A
SURGE Supports GE network interface: Common-mode 8kV(1.2/50us), Differential-mode
Supports RS485Common-mode 8kV(1.2/50us), Differential-mode 4KV(1.2/50us)
EFT Supports GE network interface: Common-mode 2kV(1.2/50us)
RS485Common-mode 2kV(1.2/50us)
ESD Supports IEC61000-4-2, Direct 6KV/8KV, Air 8KV/15KV