Polyhex Quality Assurance

Since 2011,  Tenlong Technology Co., Ltd., Polyhex's R&D center and factory, has been dedicated to the ODM manufacturing service. For nearly one decade, Polyhex accumulates in-depth expertise of embedded technology and attracts excellent engineers to work with us, providing industrial hardware customized design and manufacturing for different fields like IoT, industrial automation, transportation, retail and self-service terminals, etc.

Serving customers in over 30 countries, Polyhex deeply understands high quality and reliability are corner stones of cooperation, thus we lay emphasis on technology improvement and pursue perfection in details to produce safe, premium and stable system-on-modules, embedded motherboards and various pc devices, which are widely acknowledged by overseas customers.

Together with our world wide Silicon Vendors, we deliver best-in-class Embedded Computing solutions. To deliver up-to-date technologies and solutions to our clients, we extend our technology and business capability through a powerful alliance ecosystem of industry-leading companies and organizations. Together, we provide our customers the top notch services to streamline their projects.

All products are strictly compliance with the quality control standards of the corresponding vertical markets. Polyhex's manufacturing process was certified with ISO 9001:2015. and in 2016, Polyhex (Tenlong) was also certified with ISO13485, the ISO Quality Management System (QMS) for organizations engaged in both the development and manufacture of medical devices.

In order to produce satisfying products, Polyhex confirms your requirements and works out the best solution to realize your program. An engineering prototype will be created and sent to our customer for evaluation, and if it meets expectation then a pilot run will be conducted. Our products are certified and we also offer certification application services.